“The virtuosity of a tightrope-dancing harlequin.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2015)

In the Press: Michael Taylor as Artemis in Henze’s “Phaedra” at the Halle Opera House, 2015:

“Michael Taylor as Artemis sprang between the baritone and countertenor registers with the virtuosity of a tightrope-dancing harlequin.” (J. Brachmann, FAZ 03/2015)

“… the virtuosic countertenor Michael Taylor in the role of the goddess Artemis…” (D. Bretz, Der Neue Merker 04/2015)

“Michael Taylor achieved a similar [vocal and textual] clarity. His alto voice was beautiful and penetratingly radiant up to the very highest notes. As Artemis, his performance particularly in the operation scene proved a devastating climax of the opera.” (Dr. O. Geisler, Musik in Dresden, 04/2015)

“Michael Taylor, an Artemis with a crystalline etheric countertenor voice” (W. Roloff, Opernwelt 04/2015)